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Requires Mac OS X 10.4

This version lets you try the software for 30 days before requiring registration. For details, please click here.

The 'see' tool

Beginning with version 2.1 SubEthaEdit features a command line tool you can use from It's located in /usr/bin/see and allows you to pipe text to and from SubEthaEdit, wait until SubEthaEdit is finished with the document and resume work in once it is. For more information type man see in

Edit like a Pro
SubEthaEdit's Awards

Powerful Editing

Korean syntax stylesSubEthaEdit has been developed with the developer in mind. It supports your all day coding work, with syntax highlighting, symbol navigation, auto-completion and indenting and can be used as editor for Apple's Xcode. More advanced features include a fully functional command line tool, powerful regular expressions in multiple flavors and blockediting, editing multiple lines at once, makes SubEthaEdit a great addition to your digital toolbox.

International support

InternationalSubEthaEdit leverages Mac OS X's excellent support for internationalization. Besides being available in multiple languages, it supports input of nearly all Unicode alphabets through native system input managers and most certainly every file encoding you will ever want to use, complete with a customizable encodings list. SubEthaEdit localizations can be obtained separately from the dedicated SubEthaEdit Yahoo group in the section Files/Localizations. Free registration is required for this group.

Instant HTML

Korean syntax stylesSubEthaEdit was the first editor to implement a live updated webpage preview powered by Safari's WebKit engine. This feature provides instant WYSIWYG while authoring your website, blog post or any other HTML based text. Want to learn CSS? Use Web Preview to get instant feedback on the changes you are making, letting you master style sheets with ease in very little time.

SubEthaEdit is a team player

Whether you want to use your favorite FTP client to edit files on a server, use your favorite IDE or post to your blog with SubEthaEdit, you can, thanks to supported inter-application interfaces. Here are some of the applications that work together with SubEthaEdit:

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