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Requires Mac OS X 10.4

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SubEthaEdit's Awards

Export an HTML page

You had a great collaborative session and want to preserve and publish it on the Internet? HTML IconClick the export command and write out a web page that contains all your text, with "Written by" tooltips on hovering over paragraphs and colored backgrounds indicating authorship, just like in SubEthaEdit. You can even list all you co-authors and visitors including their contact data, like email address and AIM screen name. For an example, here is a snapshot of the Chat document hosted on the official CodingMonkeys SubEthaEdit server.

Your text on (digital) paper

Print annotationsUnlike most other text editors for Mac OS X, SubEthaEdit has noteworthy printing features, that are customizable for each mode. This includes page headers with filename and date, color options, line numbers, custom fonts and support for alternating margins for double-sided printouts. It's also possible to print collaborative metadata in a variety of different formats, like annotations with background color or monochrome annotations using brackets. You can also get a list of your co-authors complete with pictures, email-addresses and AIM screennames. Of course you can save these printouts as PDF files, here is an example.

Colored code snippets

Want to share that little code snippet you wrote and post it to your weblog or somewhere else on the Internet? Use the "Copy as XHTML" feature to get a colored snapshot of your current selection ready to be inserted in any HTML page.