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SubEthaEdit’s document-sharing functionality must be seen to be believed. Groups of Mac users—in the same room or scattered across the world—can view and edit a single text-based document at the same time. In practice, this has some powerful applications, such as pair programming and shared conference notes. I’ve also had great luck using it as a unified project management tool, where a team’s meeting participants share notes, capture TODOs, and even provide back-channel information all in one or two simple text files.
[...] SubEthaEdit windows are laid out beautifully. Status and information bars don’t get in the way of important controls. The split-view widget doesn’t blink in and out of existence, and instead serves as an intuitive toggle—much like the analogous control in Line numbers are slightly greyed out, so as to not compete with the document for the user’s attention. The symbol-selection indicator doubles as navigation for the document [...] Feature lists are great, but it’s not just the whiz-bangery that draws us to SubEthaEdit—it’s the Mac-like interface.
I thought you might like to know that a number of human interface designers here at NASA are using your product to collaboratively take notes of design discussions. We love your product!
But, that was nothing until Richard Soderberg bugged me to try out [SubEthaEdit], the collaborative text editor. […] Watching this process at first is outright amazing -- it's was more fascinating than TV. I stared in amazment for the first few sessions, held back by the same hesitation that I felt when I first started using Wikis. Unlike a Wiki, the document you're watching is literally alive in front of you.
I forgot to mention the joy of using your program! Its fantastic, it feels like (or better than) an apple app due to its integration into OS X through the look, and workflow! Excellent work!
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I spent a couple of hours doing some tests with this today, and it RO-OCKs. It's super fast, there's no perceptible lag -- even over dialup -- and it really feels like you've got multiple brains working at once.
My defining conference moment in the last year was at EdBlogger 2003 in San Francisco. […] The spontaneity of the entire endeavour was amazing! Within minutes of finding the shared SubEthaEdit document, I was participating in a multi - author, document shared in real time with others in the same room. […] I have used SubEthaEdit at every opportunity I have had since then.
Sharing a document between several people who want to make changes simultaneously has traditionally been a recipe for disaster. SubEthaEdit makes such collaborative efforts feasible—even enjoyable—by allowing an unlimited number of participants to join an editing session over the Internet or via Rendezvous.
I wanted to let you know that I think SubEthaEdit is a fantastic text editor. You'd think that a text editor is just like any other, but you've proven vastly otherwise.
User email
SubEthaEdit. On its own, a nice lightweight text editor. Combined with other SubEthaEdit users though, you can take over the world! Or maybe just edit documents collaboratively in realtime. One of the two.
Excellent application for helping kids with their homework while doing your own work.
SubEthaEdit is a fantastic piece of software! It has completely replaced my other text editor.
User email
One of the most enjoyable aspects of BlogTalk was the collaborative note taking, co-ordinated using Rendezvous and SubEthaEdit. It is a crying shame that these are Mac-only applications because that excluded quite a few people from the process. What was interesting was that taking part in the note taking changed my experience of the conference.
My team frequently demonstrates SubEthaEdit as a fantastic collaborative writing tool with many curricular uses […]. Thank you for your excellent work on this very cool application!
I've had [SubEthaEdit] for a while now but didn't get to really use it until recently. It's FANTASTIC!